Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Got champagne taste but a beer budget? Try this...

Reem, Oscar, Monique, Vera, Amsale, Jim, Ulla....**sigh** some of my favorite names when I was shopping for gowns.  But one look at the price tags on some of those gowns had me thinking that David wasn't such a bad name either {hah!}

But I am all about having my {wedding} cake and eating it too.  And I refuse to pay full price {$10k+} or settle for less {David}.  Especially because there are so many options out there for finding a high-end designer gown of your dreams for a "reasonable" price.  Take the annual Running of the Brides hosted by Filene's Basement {a bit extreme if you ask me} or the coveted sample sales or even consignment shops {some people never even get to wear their gown!}.  If there is a will there is a way.

The way may be getting even easier soon if The Aisle New York has anything to say about it.  The site hasn't officially launched yet, but it sounds fantastic.  On-line sample sales for high-end designer wedding gowns.  If you're not lucky {or unlucky} enough to live near a major metropolis, or don't want to brave the no holds barred real world sample sales, this site sounds like the perfect solution, or at least worth a peek.  As the company so aptly puts it:  Love. Shop. Wed.! 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Favorite Designer (Part II): Choo Love

If you are one of those {crazy} women who believe shoes -- even your wedding day shoes -- are more for function than fashion, then stop reading right now.

I. Love. Shoes.  Love them.  And I Choos even more.

First of all, shoes are not solely for function, like walking.  Well maybe your bedroom shoes, or possibly your gym shoes.  But most certainly not your special day shoes.  There are so many fabulous styles and colors and fabrics and heel styles and adornments.  If you are a shoe lover like me, it may make it very difficult to choose just one pair for your Day.  

Jimmy Choo makes beautifully simple, yet elegant bridal shoes.  But you shouldn't limit yourself to just the bridal selection.  Silver, gold, or even red and purple are a fantastic choice for your special day.  There's nothing more exciting than to see a pair of strappy bright heeled sandles under a formal length wedding gown.

Even if you'd prefer a lower heel height for comfort, you don't have to sacrifice style.  A pointy toed sling back or a bejeweled kitten-heel have the same wow factor as a 6 inch stiletto.  But who said you have to Choos just one!