Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Divalicious {dot} com

I love invitations, note cards, stationary, just pretty paper period. Finding the perfect invitation {letterpress of course} for my wedding was one of my favorite parts of planning. I spent hours pouring through samples. I soon learned that all brands are not created equal. So when I find a great printer, I stick with them.

Wedding Paper Divas {and their suite of companion brands...TinyPrints (love), et al.} are one of the most consistent, quality-driven, ├╝ber design-centric printers I've come across. I think they have a wonderful selection no matter your person style/taste.

Their wedding invitations are so beautiful, I was excited to hear that they now offer a free coordinating website! There's nothing worse than a poorly coordinated wedding. Everything doesn't have to {and shouldn't} match exactly, but it should blend.

The Divas are offering a free wedding website to go along with over 40 of their most popular wedding invitations. This means that you can now easily create an ad-free personal wedding website complete with online RSVP capabilities and more—and keep it FREE for one year!

Some of the features of the website include:
  • coordination with over 40 of Wedding Paper Divas invitation designs
  • easy to design, just point and click
  • custom domains
  • unlimited photos
  • music and video
  • online RSVP
  • blog
  • password protection
  • guest list manager 
  • ....and did we mention it's free?
So what are you waiting for?!? You know you're not really engaged until you put up your wedding website ;-)

 Free Wedding Website from Wedding Paper Divas

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pique + Interest = Pinterest

I started this blog because I felt that I had amassed {and continued to find} a collection of so many cute and wonderful things, but had nowhere to share them. I have a HUGE number of Google Bookmarks. And that was helpful if I wanted to search it to find something. But even for me, the bookmarks were limited and unfulfilling.

Pinterest is the answer to my wish. It combines my love of the visual and gives an outlet to my collection obsession. AND it feeds my need to organize and categorize EVERYthing.

I only wish this had been around when I was planning my wedding. It is a fabulous resource for any bride-to-be to help organize all of her ideas, to do lists, and ultimately her final wedding design board. And you can share it with your mom and besties and even allow others to contribute. There are also some incredibly talented people on this site with a fabulous eye for color, design and fashion. From bouquets, to dresses, to color schemes, to's a great way to quickly view and find new ideas for your big day!

So follow me and I will follow you and let's create something beautiful.