Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go Get Your Girl

I'm sure you've heard about wedding planners but have you heard of proposal planners?!?  Okay so most of you are probably women and not the ones doing the proposing, but you could still stealthily drop hints to your intended about this awesome service.  Go Get It Events creates and coordinates extraordinary wedding proposals {or any special moment you want to commemorate}.  Here is what they have to say about their services:
Perhaps he or she will travel by a chauffeured car or mysteriously handed a map and keys to their dream sports car. Possibly they will be accompanied by their own publicist for the day or find that they have been turned into a star overnight with their pictures gracing the cover of People Magazine. They may arrive at a fantastic surprise Soirée with a room full of their closest friends flown in from all over.
Who knows, your loved one may wake up in Chicago and end up in Switzerland. Oftentimes, Go Get It's signature audio clues will lead the trail. No matter which details we put into place, the recipient will not know where their path leads until it reaches its end.
That sounds unbelievable! So, if you want your marriage proposal to be one for the history books {or at least your history books} Go Get It Events may be the company to try.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Virtual Style

As much as I loved physically going to a store and shopping for a wedding dress {Kleinfelds!} sometimes you may be limited to the options available in your town or you just want to daydream and look {while you are supposed to be working}.  

You may know about Shop Style as a great place to shop for regular clothing, but did you know that you can shop for wedding gowns as well?!?  You can even filter by color, designer, price and size!  While you likely won't find the really high-end designs or the traditional bridal-only designers, you'll still have plenty to drool over.

Better yet, Shop Style is a great way to shop for coordinated Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids and other bridal party dresses.  And for those much needed accessories {shoes!, clutches, hair accessories, trousseau}.  

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today must be the biggest wedding day ever!  It doesn't get much better than 10/10/10...the Perfect 10!  The NY Times wedding announcement section {the holy grail that all brides aspire to gain access to...and yes I made it!} says it all.  I have never seen the list of couples this long!  If you missed this special date for your special day, you still can try for 11/11/11 or even 12/12/12!  They're not perfect but they are still great anniversary dates {assuming you can wait that long}