Sunday, January 9, 2011

See Bride Run. Run Bride Run.

If you could get your dream wedding dress -- or at least something close to it -- for 75-99% off would you run for it?  
Would you camp out all night in front of a store, building, convention center just so you're near the front of the line?  
Would you tackle a silk trumpet style strapless gown that you've been dreaming over in the bridal magazines, while yelling wildly "Dibs! Dibs! Dibs!"?  
Would you strip down to your skivies {okay bathing suit} so you could try the dress on right there, unphased by the thousands of strangers {and maybe even television cameras} around you?
If so, then you may not want to miss the upcoming Running of the Brides® hosted by Filene's Basement.  If you can believe it, this annual event began in Boston back in 1947! and in recent years expanded to multiple locations throughout the US including New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, DC. 
I didn't participate in the ROTB when I was looking.  It seemed a bit extreme to me.  Regular bridal sample sales are a bit daunting in my book.  I couldn't imagine going to war over a dress or having my heart broken when another bride got there just ahead of me.  But in hindsight I think it would have been a great experience for me and my bestys.  It would have been a great memory maker and I'm sure stories to last a lifetime would have come out of it.  I think the best thing is to not go into it with your expectations too high.  Go, have fun, and may the best bride win!☺