Thursday, March 10, 2011

To have and to B H L D N

I know everyone has been talking about the new bridal line launched by Anthorpologie last month.  For once, here is a fashion frenzy that's worth all the hoopla.  Just one look and I was smitten.  I told my husband I might have to leave him just so I can get remarried again {to him } and get my dress and shoes and trouseau all from B H L D N !

The great thing about their gowns -- for us married or not yet engaged girls -- is that most of them don't look like the traditional wedding gown.  So even if you don't have a wedding march in your near future, you can still snag one of these gorgeous gowns for your next gala, ball or fancy smancy party.  Oh and did I mention the unmentionables!

For the betrothed set....lucky, lucky you!  You really will be a sight to B H L D if you and your besties {the main event only looks more beautiful with gorgeous sidekicks} choose one of these lovely gowns.  So head over to B H L D N and start figuring out what kind of bride are you? {I'm a Nostalgic Romantic if anyone cares to know ;-)}