Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ode To A Bridesmaids Dress

Finding the perfect bridesmaids dress is even harder than finding The Dress.  Or at least it should be {unless you are a bridezilla...yes, You! I'm talking to you}.  I like to tell brides that if you are the main attraction, your backup singers should compliment you, not contrast you.  If you make your bridesmaids look ugly you only end up making Your day ugly {and the wedding photos will be a constant reminder}.

Every bride says that the dresses they select are ones that their bridesmaids can wear again. Yeah right.  But as a bride who actually achieved this feat {my bridesmaids have worn their dresses on more than one social occasion to prove it}, this post is dedicated to.... truly beautiful bridesmaids dresses that your friends would in fact wear again...ENJOY!

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