Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bridal Mecca

Before there was Say Yes to the Dress, before there was a {love love the gown search option!}, before there was Kleinfeld Kollection, before there was even a Kleinfeld Men {man have they grown!}.... I was a Kleinfeld bride.  

Nearly every NYC bride-to-be takes the obligatory pilgrimage to Kleinfeld.  Just a few short years ago, that trip was indeed a pilgrimage because the showroom was located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn {for non-New Yorkers, that's really really far}.  When my bestie was engaged in her search for the perfect dress, we traveled to Bay Ridge to the then humble showroom that had nearly every wedding dress on the market.  From a simple silk sheath to a densely embroidered lace and crystal princess gown.

Shortly thereafter, when it was time for me to go, we no longer had to make the long trip to another borough; the mecca had moved to Manhattan!  And it's the perfect location.  Just off of Seventh Avenue in the ├╝ber-fashionable Chelsea district.  With multiple levels, a dream-inspiring showroom and expansive fitting rooms.  I was smitten the moment I arrived.

The staff is in a word -- Amazing!  I don't know how they can keep so many wedding dresses, styles, designers in their head so that you can just give them an idea of what you want and they can go and immediately pull dresses that may work.  I wanted to try on everything, but of course your time is limited so you have to stay focused.  Even so, the best detours can lead to unexpected delight.  

I found my dress after deciding to try on a fashion-forward BLUE dress that I saw on a mannequin in the showroom.  Little did I know that it would be love at first wear.

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