Sunday, September 5, 2010

My favorite designer...

I thought it fitting that my first "Wedding" post be about the designer of my wedding dress.  Admittedly, I wasn't a fan of Reem Acra until I found My Dress.  There are so many wedding dress designers out there, it's hard to pick just one.  However, once I found My Dress I began to focus on her other lines and was instantly smitten.  

I found my dress purely by accident.  I was shopping for my wedding dress with my girls at Kleinfelds {more about this Wedding mecca later} and I was trying on all of the standard ball-gown/princess silhouette style that I had decided on, when I saw a blue {yes blue!} gown on a mannequin.  It looked so avant-garde and straight off the runway I just had to try it on for kicks.

When I put on what became My Dress, I had The Moment that all brides hope for.  I knew then that there was no other dress for me.  I was getting married in Barbados and the color of the dress perfectly matched the color of the Caribbean water and sky.  I knew it had to be mine.  My best girlfriend did too, because she was so excited she kept tripping on the edge of the dress as I walked out to model the gown in the showroom!  The look in her eye just sealed it for me.  

Then I only had to hope my daddy wouldn't pass out from the price tag. 
My Dress

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  1. That dress was definitively the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen... don't think I realized that it was Reem Acra. Oh Kleinfeld **sigh** How I love thee.